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December 28th, 2007

I went down to Brattleboro yard to see the morning 323/324 meet again. 323 arrived on queue but 324 was nowhere to be seen and we soon found out the meet would be taking place in Putney. Hours later I heard 324 arrive in town -- with 323's power. I went down to the yard to see it come in and found it with 5 units, including GEXR 3843! Then two local railfans showed up at my perch on Riverside Rd and told me that 324's train had come apart in Putney and they'd be going back for it. I went to the Amtrak station to wait for them to head back north for the second half of their train and was immediately blocked in by passengers for the southbound Amtrak. I waited at the platform whether I liked it or not for the southbound Vermonter and the northbound power move with my old friend Barney leading.


Brattleboro, Vermont

(map) This town is on the New England Central Railway track near the New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont borders.

NECR #323 comes into Brattleboro in first light.

2007-12-28.9634.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9635.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9636.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9637.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9638.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9639.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9640.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9641.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9642.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9643.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9644.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9645.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9646.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9647.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9648.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9649.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9650.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9651.Brattleboro.jpg

NECR #324 comes into Brattleboro with #323's power and two more units, backs its train into the siding, cuts off the power, and heads back north.

2007-12-28.9652.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9653.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9654.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9655.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9656.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9657.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9658.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9659.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9660.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9661.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9662.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9663.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9664.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9665.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9666.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9667.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9668.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9669.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9670.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9671.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9672.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9673.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9674.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9675.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9676.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9677.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9678.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9679.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9680.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9681.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9682.Brattleboro.jpg

AMTK #54 enters the crowded station at Brattleboro while NECR #324 waits to head back north to pick up cars at Putney.

2007-12-28.9683.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9684.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9685.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9686.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9687.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9688.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9689.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9690.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9691.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9692.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9693.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9694.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9695.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9696.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9697.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9698.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9699.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9700.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9701.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9702.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9703.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9704.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9705.Brattleboro.jpg 2007-12-28.9706.Brattleboro.jpg