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December 29th, 2019

We wandered our way from Omaha, Nebraska to the middle of Kansas and had a banner day of catching parked shortline equipment and briefly chasing a westbound coal train.


Ashland, Nebraska

Ashland is just west of Omaha along the BNSF with heavy coal traffic.

We spotted a BNSF coal train heading north as we crossed a bridge on the I-80 and had just enough time to catch it eastbound along state highway 6.

2019-12-29.7697.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7698.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7699.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7700.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7701.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7702.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7703.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7704.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7705.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7706.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7707.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7708.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7709.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7711.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7712.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7713.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7714.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7715.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7716.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7717.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7718.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7719.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7720.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7721.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7722.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7723.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7724.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7725.Ashland-NE.jpg

We got ahead of the coal train as it slowed down for a meet, catching a BNSF westbound loaded coal train as well.

2019-12-29.7726.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7727.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7728.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7729.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7730.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7731.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7732.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7733.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7735.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7736.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7737.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7738.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7739.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7740.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7741.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7742.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7743.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7744.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7745.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7746.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7747.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7748.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7749.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7750.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7751.Ashland-NE.jpg 2019-12-29.7752.Ashland-NE.jpg