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November 26th, 2004

Guelph Junction turn lifted OSRX 505 at the Junction and took it on the start of a long journey to Montreal for a new generator. In the evening, London Pickup delivered OSRX 182, OSR's newest RS-18u. It was formerly QGRY and before that a CP engine. The day was punctuated by a 3-hour lull on both CN and CP followed by the loss of one of my proprietary Canon 2B-NL camera batteries. If you happen to run across it, please let me know.


Corwhin, Ontario

(map) Corwhin is between Moffat and Arkell on the ex-Goderich sub (Guelph Junction Railway) now serviced by the Ontario Southland Railway.

2004-11-26.3278.Corwhin.jpg 2004-11-26.3279.Corwhin.jpg 2004-11-26.3280.Corwhin.jpg 2004-11-26.3281.Corwhin.jpg 2004-11-26.3282.Corwhin.jpg 2004-11-26.3283.Corwhin.jpg 2004-11-26.3284.Corwhin.jpg 2004-11-26.3285.Corwhin.jpg 2004-11-26.3286.Corwhin.jpg 2004-11-26.3287.Corwhin.jpg 2004-11-26.3288.Corwhin.jpg 2004-11-26.3289.Corwhin.jpg 2004-11-26.3290.Corwhin.jpg 2004-11-26.3291.Corwhin.jpg 2004-11-26.3292.Corwhin.jpg 2004-11-26.3293.Corwhin.jpg


November 23rd, 2006

The Royal Canadian Pacific, CPR's business train, came to the Galt sub. In spite of nearly blinding fog, an army of railfans went to Guelph Junction for it. My whole day can be summarised as: Guelph Junction: CP #142, RCP, Milton/Trafalgar Road: RCP, CP #243, Scotch Block/mp30: CN #385, #148, #394, #271, Guelph Junction, Moffat, Corwhin, Arkell: OSR northbound chase, Guelph: OSR/GEXR #432, Cambridge/Galt: CP #159, #741, #141, with CP London Pickup working in the background, and CP #257, one unit light power, hiding just out of sight. Not a bad day!

2006-11-23.6443.Corwhin.jpg 2006-11-23.6444.Corwhin.jpg 2006-11-23.6445.Corwhin.jpg 2006-11-23.6446.Corwhin.jpg 2006-11-23.6447.Corwhin.jpg 2006-11-23.6448.Corwhin.jpg


March 6th, 2007

D&H 7304 led CP #255. I chased it from Waterdown to Guelph Junction, and chased OSR from Guelph Junction back to Guelph on the way home.

OSR kicks up the snow through Corwhin.

2007-03-06.0734.Corwhin.jpg 2007-03-06.0735.Corwhin.jpg 2007-03-06.0736.Corwhin.jpg 2007-03-06.0737.Corwhin.jpg 2007-03-06.0738.Corwhin.jpg 2007-03-06.0739.Corwhin.jpg 2007-03-06.0740.Corwhin.jpg 2007-03-06.0741.Corwhin.jpg 2007-03-06.0742.Corwhin.jpg 2007-03-06.0743.Corwhin.jpg 2007-03-06.0744.Corwhin.jpg 2007-03-06.0745.Corwhin.jpg 2007-03-06.0746.Corwhin.jpg 2007-03-06.0747.Corwhin.jpg


October 31st, 2007

OSR ran an extra up to Guelph with just 506 and CP 24, a heavy coach. I took a few minutes to shoot it at Corwhin.

A George Brown College extra heads for Guelph Junction.

2007-10-31.8337.Corwhin.jpg 2007-10-31.8338.Corwhin.jpg 2007-10-31.8339.Corwhin.jpg 2007-10-31.8340.Corwhin.jpg 2007-10-31.8341.Corwhin.jpg 2007-10-31.8342.Corwhin.jpg 2007-10-31.8343.Corwhin.jpg


April 25th, 2009

The Guelph Historical Railway Association put on a rare miles tour with the Guelph Junction Express, runnint into the industrial tracks in Guelph and doing two photo runbys. I volunteered on the train and took a few photos and some short video clips while not otherwise occupied using my wife's point-and-shoot camera rather than the bulky SLR I normally use.

2009-04-25.0509.Corwhin.jpg 2009-04-25.0510.Corwhin.jpg 2009-04-25.0511.Corwhin.jpg 2009-04-25.0512.Corwhin.jpg 2009-04-25.0513.Corwhin.jpg 2009-04-25.0514.Corwhin.jpg 2009-04-25.0515.Corwhin.jpg 2009-04-25.0516.Corwhin.jpg 2009-04-25.0517.Corwhin.jpg 2009-04-25.0518.Corwhin.jpg 2009-04-25.0519.Corwhin.jpg 2009-04-25.0520.Corwhin.jpg 2009-04-25.0521.Corwhin.jpg 2009-04-25.0522.Corwhin.jpg 2009-04-25.0523.Corwhin.jpg 2009-04-25.0524.Corwhin.jpg 2009-04-25.0525.Corwhin.jpg 2009-04-25.0527.Corwhin.jpg 2009-04-25.0528.Corwhin.jpg