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Top photos from April 2nd, 2006

Guelph_02.04.06_7546.jpg 226 Scotch_Block_02.04.06_7606.jpg 194 Guelph_Junction_02.04.06_7588.jpg 75 Guelph_02.04.06_7520.jpg 69 Guelph_Junction_02.04.06_7595.jpg 68 Scotch_Block_02.04.06_7607.jpg 61 Scotch_Block_02.04.06_7611.jpg 48 Guelph_02.04.06_7540.jpg 47 Guelph_02.04.06_7550.jpg 45 Scotch_Block_02.04.06_7608.jpg 38

April 2nd, 2006

Steve picked us up and we went off to shoot OSR working Guelph on a nice Sunday afternoon. They went South and we gave chase. As we got to Guelph Junction, Shane called about a CN GEVO on CN #435. Naturally we couldn't pass that up! I now have BNSF, UP, CSX, NS, CP, and finally CN GEVOs!

Guelph, Ontario

(map) The city of Guelph is my home town and is just East of Kitchener-Waterloo on the GEXR Guelph sub, and the Ontario Southland Railway/Guelph Junction Railway track, the other end of which is at Guelph Junction.

OSR switches PDI yard as training for a local school for conductors.

Guelph_02.04.06_7511.jpg 18 Guelph_02.04.06_7512.jpg 27 Guelph_02.04.06_7513.jpg Guelph_02.04.06_7514.jpg 6 Guelph_02.04.06_7515.jpg 2 Guelph_02.04.06_7516.jpg 2 Guelph_02.04.06_7517.jpg 3 Guelph_02.04.06_7518.jpg 2 Guelph_02.04.06_7519.jpg 9 Guelph_02.04.06_7520.jpg 69 Guelph_02.04.06_7521.jpg 5 Guelph_02.04.06_7522.jpg 3 Guelph_02.04.06_7523.jpg 1 Guelph_02.04.06_7524.jpg 1 Guelph_02.04.06_7525.jpg 13 Guelph_02.04.06_7526.jpg 9 Guelph_02.04.06_7527.jpg 13 Guelph_02.04.06_7528.jpg 3 Guelph_02.04.06_7529.jpg 2 Guelph_02.04.06_7530.jpg 4 Guelph_02.04.06_7531.jpg 2 Guelph_02.04.06_7532.jpg Guelph_02.04.06_7533.jpg 3 Guelph_02.04.06_7534.jpg 2 Guelph_02.04.06_7535.jpg 7 Guelph_02.04.06_7536.jpg 1 Guelph_02.04.06_7537.jpg 8 Guelph_02.04.06_7538.jpg 18 Guelph_02.04.06_7539.jpg 11 Guelph_02.04.06_7540.jpg 47 Guelph_02.04.06_7541.jpg 11

OSR takes one car south from Guelph back to Guelph Junction.

Guelph_02.04.06_7543.jpg 10 Guelph_02.04.06_7544.jpg 11 Guelph_02.04.06_7545.jpg 22 Guelph_02.04.06_7546.jpg 226 Guelph_02.04.06_7547.jpg 33 Guelph_02.04.06_7548.jpg 35 Guelph_02.04.06_7549.jpg 23 Guelph_02.04.06_7550.jpg 45

Arkell, Ontario

(map) Arkell is between Guelph and Guelph Junction on the ex-Goderich sub of the Guelph Junction Railway now serviced by the Ontario Southland Railway. Moffat is between Arkell and Guelph Junction.

OSR runs more engines than cars across a dirt road in Arkell.

Arkell_02.04.06_7553.jpg 6 Arkell_02.04.06_7554.jpg 5 Arkell_02.04.06_7555.jpg 7 Arkell_02.04.06_7556.jpg 20 Arkell_02.04.06_7557.jpg 13 Arkell_02.04.06_7558.jpg 2 Arkell_02.04.06_7559.jpg 5 Arkell_02.04.06_7560.jpg 7

Moffat, Ontario

(map) Moffat is between Guelph and Guelph Junction on the ex-Goderich sub now serviced by the Ontario Southland Railway. Arkell is between Moffat and Guelph.

Steve and my shutter's open alternately as OSR crosses a field on the approach to Moffat.

Moffat_02.04.06_7561.jpg 4 Moffat_02.04.06_7562.jpg 3 Moffat_02.04.06_7563.jpg 5 Moffat_02.04.06_7564.jpg 5 Moffat_02.04.06_7565.jpg 8 Moffat_02.04.06_7566.jpg 5 Moffat_02.04.06_7567.jpg 5 Moffat_02.04.06_7568.jpg 4 Moffat_02.04.06_7569.jpg 6 Moffat_02.04.06_7570.jpg 4 Moffat_02.04.06_7571.jpg 5 Moffat_02.04.06_7572.jpg 4 Moffat_02.04.06_7573.jpg 15

Guelph Junction, Ontario

(map) Technically Campbellville, Guelph Junction is the junction of the Guelph Junction Railway -- currently serviced by OSR -- the CP Hamilton sub, and the CP Galt sub. It is between Milton and Galt on the CP Galt sub.

OSR sounds like a real train as it comes across 10 side road at Guelph Junction.

Guelph_Junction_02.04.06_7574.jpg 5 Guelph_Junction_02.04.06_7575.jpg 4 Guelph_Junction_02.04.06_7576.jpg 7 Guelph_Junction_02.04.06_7577.jpg 5 Guelph_Junction_02.04.06_7578.jpg 6 Guelph_Junction_02.04.06_7579.jpg 7 Guelph_Junction_02.04.06_7580.jpg 20 Guelph_Junction_02.04.06_7581.jpg 6 Guelph_Junction_02.04.06_7582.jpg 6 Guelph_Junction_02.04.06_7583.jpg 6 Guelph_Junction_02.04.06_7584.jpg 13 Guelph_Junction_02.04.06_7585.jpg 31 Guelph_Junction_02.04.06_7586.jpg 28 Guelph_Junction_02.04.06_7587.jpg 35 Guelph_Junction_02.04.06_7588.jpg 75

Freshly painted OSR 182 with RS-23 504 backs out of 181-505's way at Guelph Junction.

Guelph_Junction_02.04.06_7589.jpg 6 Guelph_Junction_02.04.06_7590.jpg 27 Guelph_Junction_02.04.06_7591.jpg 25 Guelph_Junction_02.04.06_7594.jpg 4 Guelph_Junction_02.04.06_7595.jpg 68

Scotch Block, Ontario

(map) Scotch Block is an excellent photography location at mp 30.0 CN Halton sub, between Milton and Georgetown.

CN #435 passes Scotch Block lookout with CN 2222 on point, a rare escape for CN's new DPU-enabled GEVOs.

Scotch_Block_02.04.06_7598.jpg 5 Scotch_Block_02.04.06_7599.jpg 6 Scotch_Block_02.04.06_7600.jpg 5 Scotch_Block_02.04.06_7601.jpg 11 Scotch_Block_02.04.06_7602.jpg 7 Scotch_Block_02.04.06_7603.jpg 7 Scotch_Block_02.04.06_7604.jpg 23 Scotch_Block_02.04.06_7605.jpg 31 Scotch_Block_02.04.06_7606.jpg 194 Scotch_Block_02.04.06_7607.jpg 61 Scotch_Block_02.04.06_7608.jpg 38 Scotch_Block_02.04.06_7609.jpg 30 Scotch_Block_02.04.06_7610.jpg 34 Scotch_Block_02.04.06_7611.jpg 48 Scotch_Block_02.04.06_7612.jpg 20 Scotch_Block_02.04.06_7613.jpg 13 Scotch_Block_02.04.06_7614.jpg 20 Scotch_Block_02.04.06_7615.jpg 15 Scotch_Block_02.04.06_7616.jpg 11