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January 21st, 2018

On our way home via Skyline Drive in Virginia, we followed a chirping SBU to a stopped CSX local in Middleton after lunch.


Kimball, Virginia

(map) Kimball is just west of the Thornton Gap entrance to Skyline Drive.

2018-01-21.0434.Kimball.jpg 2018-01-21.0435.Kimball.jpg 2018-01-21.0436.Kimball.jpg 2018-01-21.0437.Kimball.jpg


Compton, Virginia

(map) Compton, Virginia is just south-west of Front Royal.

2018-01-21.0438.Compton.jpg 2018-01-21.0439.Compton.jpg 2018-01-21.0440.Compton.jpg 2018-01-21.0441.Compton.jpg 2018-01-21.0442.Compton.jpg


Middletown, Virginia

(map) Middletown is near the junction of Interstate 66 and 81 near the northern entrance of Skyline Drive in north-east Virginia.

2018-01-21.1953.Middletown.jpg 2018-01-21.1954.Middletown.jpg 2018-01-21.1956.Middletown.jpg 2018-01-21.1957.Middletown.jpg 2018-01-21.1958.Middletown.jpg 2018-01-21.1959.Middletown.jpg 2018-01-21.1960.Middletown.jpg 2018-01-21.1962.Middletown.jpg 2018-01-21.1963.Middletown.jpg 2018-01-21.1964.Middletown.jpg 2018-01-21.1965.Middletown.jpg 2018-01-21.1966.Middletown.jpg 2018-01-21.1967.Middletown.jpg 2018-01-21.1969.Middletown.jpg 2018-01-21.1970.Middletown.jpg 2018-01-21.1971.Middletown.jpg 2018-01-21.1972.Middletown.jpg


January 16th, 2020

Working our way up the I-81, we happened upon a slow Winchester & Western northbound approaching Clear Brook, Virginia, right on the border with West Virginia, and caught it at the next exit -- 10 minutes later.


Clear Brook, Virginia

Clear Brook is on the I-81 and Winchester and Western at the West Virginia border.

2020-01-16.0009.Clear_Brook-VA.jpg 2020-01-16.0010.Clear_Brook-VA.jpg 2020-01-16.0011.Clear_Brook-VA.jpg 2020-01-16.0012.Clear_Brook-VA.jpg

The Winchester & Western northbound.

2020-01-16.0013.Clear_Brook-VA.jpg 2020-01-16.0014.Clear_Brook-VA.jpg 2020-01-16.0015.Clear_Brook-VA.jpg 2020-01-16.0016.Clear_Brook-VA.jpg 2020-01-16.0017.Clear_Brook-VA.jpg 2020-01-16.0018.Clear_Brook-VA.jpg 2020-01-16.0019.Clear_Brook-VA.jpg 2020-01-16.0020.Clear_Brook-VA.jpg 2020-01-16.0021.Clear_Brook-VA.jpg 2020-01-16.0022.Clear_Brook-VA.jpg 2020-01-16.0023.Clear_Brook-VA.jpg 2020-01-16.0024.Clear_Brook-VA.jpg 2020-01-16.0025.Clear_Brook-VA.jpg 2020-01-16.0026.Clear_Brook-VA.jpg 2020-01-16.0027.Clear_Brook-VA.jpg 2020-01-16.0028.Clear_Brook-VA.jpg 2020-01-16.0029.Clear_Brook-VA.jpg 2020-01-16.0030.Clear_Brook-VA.jpg 2020-01-16.0031.Clear_Brook-VA.jpg 2020-01-16.0032.Clear_Brook-VA.jpg 2020-01-16.0033.Clear_Brook-VA.jpg 2020-01-16.0034.Clear_Brook-VA.jpg 2020-01-16.0035.Clear_Brook-VA.jpg 2020-01-16.0036.Clear_Brook-VA.jpg 2020-01-16.0037.Clear_Brook-VA.jpg 2020-01-16.0038.Clear_Brook-VA.jpg 2020-01-16.0039.Clear_Brook-VA.jpg 2020-01-16.0040.Clear_Brook-VA.jpg