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January 12th, 2020

Our second port of call was Nassau in the Bahamas. Not too many trains, but being an island nation, there is plenty of shipping to go around.


Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas and a frequent cruise destination with plenty of maritime activity to watch.

2020-01-12.3359.Nassau-BS.jpg 2020-01-12.3362.Nassau-BS.jpg 2020-01-12.3365.Nassau-BS.jpg 2020-01-12.3368.Nassau-BS.jpg 2020-01-12.3371.Nassau-BS.jpg 2020-01-12.3374.Nassau-BS.jpg 2020-01-12.3377.Nassau-BS.jpg 2020-01-12.3380.Nassau-BS.jpg 2020-01-12.3383.Nassau-BS.jpg 2020-01-12.3386.Nassau-BS.jpg 2020-01-12.3389.Nassau-BS.jpg 2020-01-12.3392.Nassau-BS.jpg 2020-01-12.3395.Nassau-BS.jpg 2020-01-12.3398.Nassau-BS.jpg 2020-01-12.3401.Nassau-BS.jpg 2020-01-12.3404.Nassau-BS.jpg 2020-01-12.3407.Nassau-BS.jpg 2020-01-12.3410.Nassau-BS.jpg 2020-01-12.3413.Nassau-BS.jpg 2020-01-12.3416.Nassau-BS.jpg 2020-01-12.3419.Nassau-BS.jpg 2020-01-12.3422.Nassau-BS.jpg 2020-01-12.3425.Nassau-BS.jpg 2020-01-12.3428.Nassau-BS.jpg 2020-01-12.3431.Nassau-BS.jpg 2020-01-12.3434.Nassau-BS.jpg 2020-01-12.3437.Nassau-BS.jpg 2020-01-12.3440.Nassau-BS.jpg 2020-01-12.3443.Nassau-BS.jpg 2020-01-12.3446.Nassau-BS.jpg 2020-01-12.3449.Nassau-BS.jpg 2020-01-12.3452.Nassau-BS.jpg 2020-01-12.3455.Nassau-BS.jpg 2020-01-12.3458.Nassau-BS.jpg


January 13th, 2020

Like many cruise ship operators, Disney owns a private island in the Bahamas called Disney Castaway Cay, which offers some great views of the ship we are riding if you don't mind not seeing the bow.


Castaway Cay, Bahamas

Disney Cruise Line's private island...

2020-01-13.3461.Castaway-Cay-BS.jpg 2020-01-13.3464.Castaway-Cay-BS.jpg 2020-01-13.3467.Castaway-Cay-BS.jpg 2020-01-13.3470.Castaway-Cay-BS.jpg 2020-01-13.3473.Castaway-Cay-BS.jpg 2020-01-13.3476.Castaway-Cay-BS.jpg 2020-01-13.3479.Castaway-Cay-BS.jpg 2020-01-13.3482.Castaway-Cay-BS.jpg 2020-01-13.3485.Castaway-Cay-BS.jpg 2020-01-13.3488.Castaway-Cay-BS.jpg 2020-01-13.3491.Castaway-Cay-BS.jpg 2020-01-13.3494.Castaway-Cay-BS.jpg 2020-01-13.3497.Castaway-Cay-BS.jpg 2020-01-13.3500.Castaway-Cay-BS.jpg 2020-01-13.3503.Castaway-Cay-BS.jpg 2020-01-13.3506.Castaway-Cay-BS.jpg 2020-01-13.3509.Castaway-Cay-BS.jpg 2020-01-13.3512.Castaway-Cay-BS.jpg 2020-01-13.3515.Castaway-Cay-BS.jpg 2020-01-13.3518.Castaway-Cay-BS.jpg 2020-01-13.3521.Castaway-Cay-BS.jpg 2020-01-13.3524.Castaway-Cay-BS.jpg