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March 14th, 2009

I went to Wolverton to see the new yard there, just missing 152 and T69. Heard T69 switching at Ayr and went for it there, barely catching it, then headed to Paris, just missing 385, then to Killean for T69 one more time on the way home.


Ayr, Ontario

(map) Ayr is between Wolverton and Cambridge on the CP Galt sub and houses a small backtrack yard and the Ayr Pit Spur.

2009-03-14.5969.Ayr.jpg 2009-03-14.5970.Ayr.jpg 2009-03-14.5971.Ayr.jpg 2009-03-14.5972.Ayr.jpg 2009-03-14.5973.Ayr.jpg 2009-03-14.5974.Ayr.jpg 2009-03-14.5975.Ayr.jpg


Killean, Ontario

(map) This is CP's name for the passing track at Cambridge on the CP Galt sub.

CP T69 London Pickup crosses Sideroad 10 S at 51.90 Galt sub.

2009-03-14.5977.Killean.jpg 2009-03-14.5978.Killean.jpg 2009-03-14.5979.Killean.jpg 2009-03-14.5980.Killean.jpg 2009-03-14.5981.Killean.jpg 2009-03-14.5982.Killean.jpg 2009-03-14.5983.Killean.jpg 2009-03-14.5984.Killean.jpg 2009-03-14.5985.Killean.jpg 2009-03-14.5986.Killean.jpg 2009-03-14.5987.Killean.jpg


March 15th, 2009

We went to east switch Puslinch for an eastbound and #243 with two GEVOs.


Puslinch, Ontario

(map) This community straddles highway 401 from West of Guelph Junction to Killean on the CP Galt sub.

A CP eastbound passes Puslinch siding.

2009-03-15.5988.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-15.5989.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-15.5990.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-15.5991.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-15.5992.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-15.5993.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-15.5994.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-15.5995.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-15.5996.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-15.5997.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-15.5998.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-15.5999.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-15.6000.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-15.6001.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-15.6002.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-15.6003.Puslinch.jpg

CP 243 crosses the detector at 42.6 Galt sub and heads west.

2009-03-15.6021.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-15.6022.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-15.6023.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-15.6024.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-15.6025.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-15.6026.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-15.6027.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-15.6028.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-15.6029.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-15.6030.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-15.6031.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-15.6032.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-15.6033.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-15.6034.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-15.6035.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-15.6036.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-15.6037.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-15.6038.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-15.6039.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-15.6040.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-15.6041.Puslinch.jpg


March 22nd, 2009

We took off on a cloudy morning to Guelph Junction, found silent tracks, and moved over to mile 30. CN 339 and 385 came through in short order and we took off back to Puslinch to see a 7000 foot 243 meet an eastbound. We didn't make it to Puslinch in time to get 243 arriving, and chased it to Galt where it had to set off two units. As soon as 243 cleared the bridge, the sun came out and remained out for the rest of the day, and, as a consequence, that was the last train we could find in four more hours out.


Scotch Block, Ontario

(map) Scotch Block is an excellent photography location at mp 30.0 CN Halton sub, between Milton and Georgetown.

CN #339 climbs down the hill heading for the Niagara region.

2009-03-22.6043.Scotch_Block.jpg 2009-03-22.6044.Scotch_Block.jpg 2009-03-22.6045.Scotch_Block.jpg 2009-03-22.6046.Scotch_Block.jpg 2009-03-22.6047.Scotch_Block.jpg 2009-03-22.6048.Scotch_Block.jpg 2009-03-22.6049.Scotch_Block.jpg 2009-03-22.6050.Scotch_Block.jpg 2009-03-22.6051.Scotch_Block.jpg 2009-03-22.6052.Scotch_Block.jpg 2009-03-22.6053.Scotch_Block.jpg 2009-03-22.6054.Scotch_Block.jpg 2009-03-22.6055.Scotch_Block.jpg 2009-03-22.6056.Scotch_Block.jpg

CN #385 heads west.

2009-03-22.6057.Scotch_Block.jpg 2009-03-22.6058.Scotch_Block.jpg 2009-03-22.6059.Scotch_Block.jpg 2009-03-22.6061.Scotch_Block.jpg 2009-03-22.6062.Scotch_Block.jpg 2009-03-22.6063.Scotch_Block.jpg 2009-03-22.6064.Scotch_Block.jpg 2009-03-22.6065.Scotch_Block.jpg 2009-03-22.6066.Scotch_Block.jpg 2009-03-22.6067.Scotch_Block.jpg 2009-03-22.6068.Scotch_Block.jpg


Puslinch, Ontario

(map) This community straddles highway 401 from West of Guelph Junction to Killean on the CP Galt sub.

A CP eastbound crawls out of the siding at Puslinch.

2009-03-22.6070.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-22.6071.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-22.6072.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-22.6073.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-22.6074.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-22.6075.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-22.6076.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-22.6077.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-22.6078.Puslinch.jpg 2009-03-22.6079.Puslinch.jpg


Cambridge, Ontario

(map) Cambridge is the home of Babcock and Wilcox, Toyota, the CP Waterloo sub, the CP Galt sub, the CN ex-Fergus sub and a lot of trains.

CP 243 crosses the Grand River after setting off two units and moments before the sun finally comes out.

2009-03-22.6080.Cambridge.jpg 2009-03-22.6081.Cambridge.jpg 2009-03-22.6082.Cambridge.jpg 2009-03-22.6083.Cambridge.jpg 2009-03-22.6084.Cambridge.jpg 2009-03-22.6085.Cambridge.jpg 2009-03-22.6086.Cambridge.jpg 2009-03-22.6087.Cambridge.jpg 2009-03-22.6088.Cambridge.jpg 2009-03-22.6089.Cambridge.jpg 2009-03-22.6090.Cambridge.jpg 2009-03-22.6091.Cambridge.jpg 2009-03-22.6092.Cambridge.jpg 2009-03-22.6093.Cambridge.jpg 2009-03-22.6094.Cambridge.jpg 2009-03-22.6095.Cambridge.jpg 2009-03-22.6096.Cambridge.jpg 2009-03-22.6097.Cambridge.jpg 2009-03-22.6098.Cambridge.jpg 2009-03-22.6099.Cambridge.jpg 2009-03-22.6100.Cambridge.jpg 2009-03-22.6101.Cambridge.jpg 2009-03-22.6105.Cambridge.jpg 2009-03-22.6106.Cambridge.jpg 2009-03-22.6107.Cambridge.jpg 2009-03-22.6108.Cambridge.jpg