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Altoona, Pennsylvania

(map) Railfan City. Altoona's sports stadium is in the shape of a roundhouse, railfans are welcome, and trains are everywhere. Just a few miles away is Horseshoe Curve, Cresson, the Gallitzin tunnel, the SD80MACs at South Fork, and other sites making the region a virtual Mecca for railfans in this corner of the US.

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December 30th, 2006

We headed for Horseshoe Curve to start the day catching two there, moved to Cresson for the Amtrak and a few trains, and migrated toward South Fork in hopes of finding the SD80MACs. We didn't immediately, but did meet an SD80 nut named Dan who we chased while he chased a coal train the short hop up to Summerville, and then headed up to Creslo Station to shoot coal train C90 coming from the mines -- with 5 SD80MACs for power (3 at the head end, 2 pushing). After spending an unholy amount of time chasing and watching the SD80s, we returned to Altoona to see the museum, which closed the week before for the season, and then spent some time exploring the area around the museum and Amtrak station.

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