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May 10th, 2003

OSR was moving a large transformer on a heavy-duty flatbed from the ABB plant at the North end of Guelph across the street to the interchange track with GEXR.


Guelph, Ontario

(map) The city of Guelph is my home town and is just East of Kitchener-Waterloo on the GEXR Guelph sub, and the Ontario Southland Railway/Guelph Junction Railway track, the other end of which is at Guelph Junction.

2003-05-10.2027.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2028.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2029.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2030.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2031.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2032.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2033.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2034.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2035.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2036.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2037.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2038.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2039.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2040.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2041.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2042.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2043.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2044.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2045.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2046.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2047.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2048.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2049.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2050.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2051.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2052.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2053.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2054.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2055.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2056.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2057.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2058.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2059.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2060.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2061.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2062.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2063.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2064.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2065.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2066.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2067.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2068.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2069.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2070.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2071.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2072.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2073.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2074.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2075.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2076.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2077.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2078.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2079.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2080.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2081.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2082.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2083.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2084.Guelph.jpg

Having just wyed, we back up into a siding to pick up two freight cars, seen from the cab of OSR RS-18 number 180. With our train attached, we head Southbound forward out of the siding. "This is a lot better than my layout!" Facing forward out of OSR 180 we leave the siding with Paul audible on the radio. Backward we go across Woodlawn, though the video cuts out before the engine gets to the road.

2003-05-10.2086.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2090.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2091.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2092.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2093.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2094.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2095.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2096.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2097.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2103.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2104.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2105.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2106.Guelph.jpg 2003-05-10.2107.Guelph.jpg