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September 28th, 2004

GEXR gave an empty Schnabel to OSR to give to ABB. I missed the move by seconds... but it has to come out soon, I'll try to get that move.


Guelph, Ontario

(map) The city of Guelph is my home town and is just East of Kitchener-Waterloo on the GEXR Guelph sub, and the Ontario Southland Railway/Guelph Junction Railway track, the other end of which is at Guelph Junction.

2004-09-28.9537.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9538.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9539.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9540.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9541.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9542.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9543.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9544.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9545.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9546.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9547.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9548.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9549.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9550.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9551.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9552.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9553.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9554.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9555.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9556.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9557.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9558.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9559.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9560.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9561.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9562.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9563.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9564.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9565.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9567.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9568.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9569.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9570.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9571.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9572.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9573.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9574.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9575.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9576.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9577.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9578.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9579.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9580.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9581.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9582.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9583.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9584.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9585.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9586.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9587.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9588.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9589.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9590.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9591.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9592.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9593.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9594.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9595.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9596.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9597.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9598.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9599.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9600.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9601.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9602.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9603.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9604.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9605.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9606.Guelph.jpg 2004-09-28.9607.Guelph.jpg