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August 26th, 2006

We went to Radio World and picked up a new scanner and antenna, stopping at mile 30 on the way home to try it out. We spent most of our time trying to figure out how to decode the unclear instruction manual for the non-intuitive ICOM scanner, only getting it tuned to a frequency after the second of two trains (392 and 435) had passed. It took until evening to figure out how to actually make it scan.


Scotch Block, Ontario

(map) Scotch Block is an excellent photography location at mp 30.0 CN Halton sub, between Milton and Georgetown.

CN #392 climbs the hill with 2 BNSF pumpkins and a WC ex-Algoma Central unit.

2006-08-26.3325.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3326.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3327.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3328.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3329.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3330.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3331.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3332.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3333.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3334.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3335.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3336.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3337.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3338.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3339.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3340.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3341.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3342.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3343.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3344.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3345.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3346.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3347.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3348.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3349.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3350.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3351.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3352.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3353.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3354.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3355.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3356.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3357.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3358.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3359.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3360.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3361.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3362.Scotch_Block.jpg

CN #435 comes down the hill.

2006-08-26.3363.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3364.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3365.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3366.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3367.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3368.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3369.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3370.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3371.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3372.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3373.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3374.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3375.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3376.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3377.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3378.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3379.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3380.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3381.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3382.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3383.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3384.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3385.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3386.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3387.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3388.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3389.Scotch_Block.jpg 2006-08-26.3390.Scotch_Block.jpg