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July 27th, 2008

We took Via 45 and 87 home after a week in Ottawa for OLS.


Smiths Falls, Ontario

(map) The junction of the Ottawa Valley Railway, the Ottawa Central Rail Road, the CP Brockville sub, the CP Belleville sub, and the CP Winchester sub is a busy place indeed. There is a large yard in the historical railway city, a museum, and all CP traffic between Montreal and Toronto, and Montreal and out West.

2008-07-27.2924.Smiths_Falls.jpg 2008-07-27.2925.Smiths_Falls.jpg


Belleville, Ontario

(map) CN and CP are roughly parallel through Belleville. The CN Kingston sub and the CP Belleville sub head through the city, crossing just East of the city where the Belleville sub swings North to Smiths Falls.

2008-07-27.2927.Belleville.jpg 2008-07-27.2928.Belleville.jpg 2008-07-27.2929.Belleville.jpg 2008-07-27.2930.Belleville.jpg 2008-07-27.2931.Belleville.jpg 2008-07-27.2932.Belleville.jpg 2008-07-27.2933.Belleville.jpg 2008-07-27.2934.Belleville.jpg 2008-07-27.2935.Belleville.jpg 2008-07-27.2936.Belleville.jpg


Oshawa, Ontario

(map) Oshawa is home to the GO subdivision, the CN Kingston sub, the CP Belleville sub, and numerous large railroad-using industries.

2008-07-27.2937.Oshawa.jpg 2008-07-27.2938.Oshawa.jpg 2008-07-27.2939.Oshawa.jpg