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May 11th, 2009

Returning home from New Hampshire we stopped for the night in Henrietta, NY. In the morning we chased the LAL from the RGVRRM museum back into Henrietta, then went back to the museum to pick up my sunglasses which I realised in Henrietta I had left on the trunk.... they were present, on the road, and had miraculously not been run over. From there we went over to R&S' tracks, found them shiny but with no indication as to where or how far away a train was, and pushed on to Brockport on the Falls Road, which we followed fruitlessly back to Lockport where we found a CSX local leaving. From there we went to Depew, missed 3 as we approached, and caught 377 and 63. Back in Canada a few minutes later we caught CP 254 at Guelph Junction and watched VIA 87 while our pizza was baked at a nearby pizzeria.


Industry, New York

Industry is the home of the Rochester and Genesee Valley Railroad Museum along the LAL.

2009-05-11.6566.Industry.jpg 2009-05-11.6567.Industry.jpg 2009-05-11.6568.Industry.jpg 2009-05-11.6569.Industry.jpg 2009-05-11.6570.Industry.jpg 2009-05-11.6571.Industry.jpg 2009-05-11.6572.Industry.jpg 2009-05-11.6573.Industry.jpg 2009-05-11.6574.Industry.jpg 2009-05-11.6575.Industry.jpg 2009-05-11.6576.Industry.jpg 2009-05-11.6577.Industry.jpg 2009-05-11.6578.Industry.jpg 2009-05-11.6579.Industry.jpg

The LAL catches us by surprise at the Rochester and Genesee Valley Railroad Museum and we chase it most of the way to the junction with the CSX.

2009-05-11.6580.Industry.jpg 2009-05-11.6581.Industry.jpg 2009-05-11.6582.Industry.jpg 2009-05-11.6583.Industry.jpg 2009-05-11.6584.Industry.jpg 2009-05-11.6585.Industry.jpg 2009-05-11.6586.Industry.jpg 2009-05-11.6587.Industry.jpg 2009-05-11.6588.Industry.jpg 2009-05-11.6589.Industry.jpg 2009-05-11.6590.Industry.jpg 2009-05-11.6591.Industry.jpg 2009-05-11.6592.Industry.jpg 2009-05-11.6593.Industry.jpg 2009-05-11.6594.Industry.jpg 2009-05-11.6595.Industry.jpg


Henrietta, New York

Henrietta is a large suburb of Rochester to its immediate south.

2009-05-11.6596.Henrietta.jpg 2009-05-11.6597.Henrietta.jpg 2009-05-11.6598.Henrietta.jpg 2009-05-11.6599.Henrietta.jpg 2009-05-11.6600.Henrietta.jpg 2009-05-11.6601.Henrietta.jpg 2009-05-11.6602.Henrietta.jpg 2009-05-11.6603.Henrietta.jpg 2009-05-11.6604.Henrietta.jpg 2009-05-11.6605.Henrietta.jpg 2009-05-11.6606.Henrietta.jpg 2009-05-11.6607.Henrietta.jpg 2009-05-11.6608.Henrietta.jpg 2009-05-11.6609.Henrietta.jpg 2009-05-11.6610.Henrietta.jpg 2009-05-11.6611.Henrietta.jpg 2009-05-11.6612.Henrietta.jpg 2009-05-11.6613.Henrietta.jpg 2009-05-11.6614.Henrietta.jpg 2009-05-11.6615.Henrietta.jpg 2009-05-11.6616.Henrietta.jpg 2009-05-11.6617.Henrietta.jpg


Industry, New York

Industry is the home of the Rochester and Genesee Valley Railroad Museum along the LAL.

2009-05-11.6618.Industry.jpg 2009-05-11.6619.Industry.jpg


Medina, New York

Medina is along the Falls Road about half way between Buffalo and Rochester.

2009-05-11.6620.Medina.jpg 2009-05-11.6621.Medina.jpg 2009-05-11.6622.Medina.jpg 2009-05-11.6623.Medina.jpg 2009-05-11.6624.Medina.jpg 2009-05-11.6625.Medina.jpg 2009-05-11.6626.Medina.jpg 2009-05-11.6627.Medina.jpg 2009-05-11.6628.Medina.jpg 2009-05-11.6629.Medina.jpg 2009-05-11.6630.Medina.jpg 2009-05-11.6631.Medina.jpg 2009-05-11.6632.Medina.jpg


Lockport, New York

Lockport is the junction of the CSX and the Falls Road just to the east of Buffalo.

A CSX transfer pulls out of Lockport yard.

2009-05-11.6633.Lockport.jpg 2009-05-11.6634.Lockport.jpg 2009-05-11.6635.Lockport.jpg 2009-05-11.6636.Lockport.jpg 2009-05-11.6637.Lockport.jpg 2009-05-11.6638.Lockport.jpg


Depew, New York

(map) This is at or near the Buffalo-Depew Amtrak train station in upstate New York, near the Canadian border.


CSX Q377 passes through Depew station.

2009-05-11.6642.Depew.jpg 2009-05-11.6643.Depew.jpg 2009-05-11.6644.Depew.jpg 2009-05-11.6645.Depew.jpg 2009-05-11.6646.Depew.jpg 2009-05-11.6647.Depew.jpg 2009-05-11.6648.Depew.jpg 2009-05-11.6649.Depew.jpg 2009-05-11.6650.Depew.jpg 2009-05-11.6651.Depew.jpg 2009-05-11.6652.Depew.jpg 2009-05-11.6653.Depew.jpg 2009-05-11.6654.Depew.jpg 2009-05-11.6655.Depew.jpg 2009-05-11.6656.Depew.jpg 2009-05-11.6657.Depew.jpg 2009-05-11.6658.Depew.jpg 2009-05-11.6659.Depew.jpg 2009-05-11.6660.Depew.jpg 2009-05-11.6661.Depew.jpg

AMTK #63 stops at Depew on its way to Toronto.

2009-05-11.6662.Depew.jpg 2009-05-11.6663.Depew.jpg 2009-05-11.6664.Depew.jpg 2009-05-11.6665.Depew.jpg 2009-05-11.6666.Depew.jpg 2009-05-11.6667.Depew.jpg 2009-05-11.6668.Depew.jpg


Guelph Junction, Ontario

(map) Technically Campbellville, Guelph Junction is the junction of the Guelph Junction Railway -- currently serviced by OSR -- the CP Hamilton sub, and the CP Galt sub. It is between Milton and Galt on the CP Galt sub.

CP #254 starts down the hill toward Hamilton.

2009-05-11.6670.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2009-05-11.6671.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2009-05-11.6672.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2009-05-11.6673.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2009-05-11.6674.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2009-05-11.6675.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2009-05-11.6676.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2009-05-11.6677.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2009-05-11.6678.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2009-05-11.6679.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2009-05-11.6680.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2009-05-11.6681.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2009-05-11.6682.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2009-05-11.6683.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2009-05-11.6684.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2009-05-11.6685.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2009-05-11.6686.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2009-05-11.6687.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2009-05-11.6688.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2009-05-11.6689.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2009-05-11.6690.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2009-05-11.6691.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2009-05-11.6692.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2009-05-11.6693.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2009-05-11.6694.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2009-05-11.6695.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2009-05-11.6696.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2009-05-11.6697.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2009-05-11.6698.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2009-05-11.6699.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2009-05-11.6700.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2009-05-11.6701.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2009-05-11.6702.Guelph_Junction.jpg 2009-05-11.6703.Guelph_Junction.jpg


Guelph, Ontario

(map) The city of Guelph is my home town and is just East of Kitchener-Waterloo on the GEXR Guelph sub, and the Ontario Southland Railway/Guelph Junction Railway track, the other end of which is at Guelph Junction.

VIA #87 crosses Alma in Guelph moments before the sun comes out, narrowly depriving me of a perfect storm lighting shot.

2009-05-11.6704.Guelph.jpg 2009-05-11.6705.Guelph.jpg 2009-05-11.6706.Guelph.jpg 2009-05-11.6707.Guelph.jpg 2009-05-11.6708.Guelph.jpg 2009-05-11.6709.Guelph.jpg 2009-05-11.6710.Guelph.jpg 2009-05-11.6711.Guelph.jpg 2009-05-11.6712.Guelph.jpg 2009-05-11.6713.Guelph.jpg 2009-05-11.6714.Guelph.jpg 2009-05-11.6715.Guelph.jpg