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July 26th, 2009

A 'blue banana', a Babcock and Wilcox 505-ton steam generator component, the first in about 5 years, spent 9 days sitting in the yard at Guelph. I received a report shortly after waking up in Parry Sound that it had left Guelph at 08:40. With the help of MDC, I was able to intercept it at Bramalea GO station with about one minute to spare. It spent the rest of the day winding its way down to Toronto harbour. While I had originally planned to chase it, the extremely bad weather dissuaded me.


Brampton, Ontario

(map) Brampton is mile 15 of the CN Halton sub and mile 8 of the Orangeville-Brampton Railway (OBRY) shortline.

GEXR X432 with a 24-axle D9R load, a steam generator from Babcock and Wilcox in Cambridge, passes through Bramalea station on a very wet Sunday morning.

2009-07-26.8177.Brampton.jpg 2009-07-26.8178.Brampton.jpg 2009-07-26.8179.Brampton.jpg 2009-07-26.8180.Brampton.jpg 2009-07-26.8181.Brampton.jpg 2009-07-26.8182.Brampton.jpg 2009-07-26.8183.Brampton.jpg 2009-07-26.8184.Brampton.jpg 2009-07-26.8185.Brampton.jpg 2009-07-26.8186.Brampton.jpg 2009-07-26.8187.Brampton.jpg 2009-07-26.8188.Brampton.jpg 2009-07-26.8189.Brampton.jpg 2009-07-26.8190.Brampton.jpg 2009-07-26.8191.Brampton.jpg 2009-07-26.8192.Brampton.jpg 2009-07-26.8193.Brampton.jpg 2009-07-26.8194.Brampton.jpg 2009-07-26.8195.Brampton.jpg 2009-07-26.8196.Brampton.jpg 2009-07-26.8197.Brampton.jpg 2009-07-26.8198.Brampton.jpg 2009-07-26.8199.Brampton.jpg 2009-07-26.8200.Brampton.jpg 2009-07-26.8201.Brampton.jpg 2009-07-26.8202.Brampton.jpg 2009-07-26.8203.Brampton.jpg 2009-07-26.8204.Brampton.jpg 2009-07-26.8205.Brampton.jpg 2009-07-26.8206.Brampton.jpg 2009-07-26.8207.Brampton.jpg 2009-07-26.8208.Brampton.jpg 2009-07-26.8209.Brampton.jpg 2009-07-26.8210.Brampton.jpg 2009-07-26.8211.Brampton.jpg 2009-07-26.8212.Brampton.jpg