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January 4th, 2012

I took the train from Geneva to St. Moritz and back. At Bern, all photos the camera took were corrupt for the duration of my trip and I did not find out until getting back to Canada on January 7th. The photos lost stretched from Bern to St. Moritz on the 4th, a trip to Lyon and Grenoble, France, on the 5th, and a short tour of Geneva itself on the 6th on the way to the airport. Bug reports have been filed to both Canon and Nanogear, whose camera and 32GB card respectively failed to communicate passed the 8GB mark with all pictures being written as NULLs with no error generated. The immediate playback from the camera's memory worked so there was no hint of trouble until it was too late. Tragic. Photos of the viaduct and tunnel at Filisur are extracted from the video. Others may follow.


Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva is the southwestern most city in Switzerland, along the French border at the end of Lac Lemac, a beautiful, scenic lake in the Alps.

2012-01-04.2163.Geneve.jpg 2012-01-04.2164.Geneve.jpg 2012-01-04.2165.Geneve.jpg


Romont, Switzerland

Romont is between Lausanne and Bern.

2012-01-04.2167.Romont.jpg 2012-01-04.2168.Romont.jpg


Bern, Switzerland

Bern is the capital of Switzerland.

2012-01-04.2169.Bern.jpg 2012-01-04.2170.Bern.jpg 2012-01-04.2171.Bern.jpg 2012-01-04.2172.Bern.jpg 2012-01-04.2174.Bern.jpg 2012-01-04.2175.Bern.jpg 2012-01-04.2176.Bern.jpg 2012-01-04.2178.Bern.jpg 2012-01-04.2179.Bern.jpg 2012-01-04.2180.Bern.jpg


Chur, Switzerland

Chur is the base of the narrow gauge railway that runs up to St. Moritz and several other communities throughout the region and continues on to Italy through the high Alps.

I took the train from Chur to St. Moritz and back, a gorgeous run high into the Alps covered by the EuRail pass that I highly recommend anyone who goes to Switzerland takes.


Filisur, Switzerland

The site of one of the most impressive viaducts I've ever seen at Landwasser, Filisur is a junction point on the narrow gauge line from Chur to St. Moritz.

2012-01-04.5130.Filisur.jpg 2012-01-04.5140.Filisur.jpg 2012-01-04.5150.Filisur.jpg 2012-01-04.5160.Filisur.jpg 2012-01-04.5170.Filisur.jpg 2012-01-04.5180.Filisur.jpg 2012-01-04.5200.Filisur.jpg 2012-01-04.5230.Filisur.jpg 2012-01-04.5260.Filisur.jpg 2012-01-04.5280.Filisur.jpg 2012-01-04.5300.Filisur.jpg 2012-01-04.5310.Filisur.jpg 2012-01-04.5400.Filisur.jpg 2012-01-04.5480.Filisur.jpg 2012-01-04.5560.Filisur.jpg 2012-01-04.5600.Filisur.jpg