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December 26th, 2019

Leaving family near Buffalo, we continued westward, stopping for three eastbounds at the museum at North East. We found the Bessemer and Lake Erie with a rare BLE leader in the yard in Conneaut but could not get a good shot from the one forested vantage we found across the valley, and finished the day with a stop at the Napoleon, Defiance & Western Railroad, a railroad with the dubious distinction of being known for its rather exceptional lack of maintenance.


Conneaut, Ohio

Steve told me I needed to check Conneaut -- and you do too. It is an interesting town on the south shore of Lake Erie which is not easy to explore but has plenty to see if you are willing to go down small single lane roads to their ends.

2019-12-26.7388.Conneaut-OH.jpg 2019-12-26.7389.Conneaut-OH.jpg 2019-12-26.7390.Conneaut-OH.jpg 2019-12-26.7391.Conneaut-OH.jpg 2019-12-26.7392.Conneaut-OH.jpg 2019-12-26.7393.Conneaut-OH.jpg 2019-12-26.7394.Conneaut-OH.jpg 2019-12-26.7395.Conneaut-OH.jpg 2019-12-26.7396.Conneaut-OH.jpg 2019-12-26.7397.Conneaut-OH.jpg 2019-12-26.7398.Conneaut-OH.jpg 2019-12-26.7399.Conneaut-OH.jpg 2019-12-26.7400.Conneaut-OH.jpg 2019-12-26.7401.Conneaut-OH.jpg 2019-12-26.7402.Conneaut-OH.jpg 2019-12-26.7403.Conneaut-OH.jpg 2019-12-26.7404.Conneaut-OH.jpg 2019-12-26.7405.Conneaut-OH.jpg 2019-12-26.7406.Conneaut-OH.jpg 2019-12-26.7407.Conneaut-OH.jpg 2019-12-26.7408.Conneaut-OH.jpg 2019-12-26.7409.Conneaut-OH.jpg