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August 25th, 2007

On our way to a cousin's wedding in Ann Arbor, Michigan, we stopped in Durand, Michigan for a couple of hours, pausing briefly to see if we could find the TSBY's shops in Owosso. We waited in Durand for the daily Central Michigan train to come down, assured by a local railfan that it was scheduled to, but alas could not wait long enough. We caught CN #271 meeting CN #148 (parked just east of us from before we arrived), a Detroit-bound train, and what may have been CN #276 with 2 UP units at Durand, and an 0-2-0 steamer preparing for an excursion in Owosso.


Durand, Michigan

Durand is about a half hour west of Flint, Michican, and is the interchange point between the CN, the Central Maine, and the Great Lakes Central. The Amtrak station, a large historic station in the middle of a junction punctuated with a diamond, is a popular and excellent railfan location, further enhanced by the presence of a railway museum in the building.

CN #271 passes CN #148.

2007-08-25.7171.Durand.jpg 2007-08-25.7172.Durand.jpg 2007-08-25.7173.Durand.jpg 2007-08-25.7174.Durand.jpg 2007-08-25.7175.Durand.jpg 2007-08-25.7176.Durand.jpg 2007-08-25.7177.Durand.jpg

CN 8014 leads a rack train south toward Detroit.

2007-08-25.7197.Durand.jpg 2007-08-25.7198.Durand.jpg 2007-08-25.7199.Durand.jpg 2007-08-25.7200.Durand.jpg 2007-08-25.7201.Durand.jpg 2007-08-25.7202.Durand.jpg 2007-08-25.7203.Durand.jpg 2007-08-25.7204.Durand.jpg 2007-08-25.7205.Durand.jpg 2007-08-25.7206.Durand.jpg 2007-08-25.7207.Durand.jpg 2007-08-25.7208.Durand.jpg 2007-08-25.7209.Durand.jpg 2007-08-25.7210.Durand.jpg 2007-08-25.7211.Durand.jpg 2007-08-25.7212.Durand.jpg 2007-08-25.7213.Durand.jpg 2007-08-25.7214.Durand.jpg 2007-08-25.7215.Durand.jpg 2007-08-25.7217.Durand.jpg 2007-08-25.7218.Durand.jpg

CN #278 heads toward Canada with a pair of UP units.

2007-08-25.7219.Durand.jpg 2007-08-25.7220.Durand.jpg 2007-08-25.7221.Durand.jpg 2007-08-25.7222.Durand.jpg 2007-08-25.7223.Durand.jpg 2007-08-25.7224.Durand.jpg 2007-08-25.7226.Durand.jpg 2007-08-25.7227.Durand.jpg 2007-08-25.7228.Durand.jpg