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June 24th, 2007

With one day to explore and unlimited-use BritRail passes in our hands, we hopped on a train at Marlow and went up to Didcot to see the museum and see what else we could find. While we were there, yet another Class 67 went by us without us having a chance to shoot it, towing a long cut of EWS coaches heading toward London.


Reading, England

(map) Reading is a major railway junction between Oxford and London.

2007-06-24.6031.Reading.jpg 2007-06-24.6032.Reading.jpg 2007-06-24.6033.Reading.jpg 2007-06-24.6034.Reading.jpg 2007-06-24.6035.Reading.jpg 2007-06-24.6036.Reading.jpg 2007-06-24.6037.Reading.jpg 2007-06-24.6038.Reading.jpg 2007-06-24.6039.Reading.jpg 2007-06-24.6040.Reading.jpg 2007-06-24.6041.Reading.jpg


June 25th, 2007

We picked up the train at Marlow and connected at Maidenhead and Reading to get to Gatwick airport for our flight home, spending an hour or so at Reading and just missing a Freightliner Class 66 passing through the station upon our arrival.

Trains constantly come and go at the busy Reading transfer point as we wait for our train to Gatwick.

2007-06-25.6081.Reading.jpg 2007-06-25.6082.Reading.jpg 2007-06-25.6083.Reading.jpg 2007-06-25.6084.Reading.jpg 2007-06-25.6085.Reading.jpg 2007-06-25.6086.Reading.jpg 2007-06-25.6087.Reading.jpg 2007-06-25.6088.Reading.jpg 2007-06-25.6089.Reading.jpg 2007-06-25.6090.Reading.jpg 2007-06-25.6091.Reading.jpg 2007-06-25.6092.Reading.jpg 2007-06-25.6093.Reading.jpg 2007-06-25.6094.Reading.jpg 2007-06-25.6095.Reading.jpg 2007-06-25.6096.Reading.jpg 2007-06-25.6097.Reading.jpg 2007-06-25.6098.Reading.jpg 2007-06-25.6099.Reading.jpg 2007-06-25.6100.Reading.jpg 2007-06-25.6101.Reading.jpg 2007-06-25.6102.Reading.jpg 2007-06-25.6104.Reading.jpg 2007-06-25.6105.Reading.jpg 2007-06-25.6108.Reading.jpg 2007-06-25.6109.Reading.jpg 2007-06-25.6110.Reading.jpg 2007-06-25.6111.Reading.jpg 2007-06-25.6112.Reading.jpg 2007-06-25.6113.Reading.jpg 2007-06-25.6114.Reading.jpg 2007-06-25.6116.Reading.jpg 2007-06-25.6118.Reading.jpg 2007-06-25.6119.Reading.jpg 2007-06-25.6120.Reading.jpg


June 15th, 2009

We were invited to stay with a family friend in Wellington, near Taunton, and tour the West Somerset Railway. We boarded the train at Reading station and went across to Newport, Wales, returning via Bristol and heading down to Taunton for the next day's trip. At Newport, we went to a bridge and watched for about 30 minutes. Moments after we left, a train came over with a pair of rare Class 67s! Grumbling at the loss, I was more than a little surprised to have the same train return a few minutes later and take us to Taunton.

2009-06-15.6966.Reading.jpg 2009-06-15.6967.Reading.jpg 2009-06-15.6968.Reading.jpg 2009-06-15.6969.Reading.jpg 2009-06-15.6970.Reading.jpg 2009-06-15.6971.Reading.jpg 2009-06-15.6972.Reading.jpg 2009-06-15.6973.Reading.jpg 2009-06-15.6974.Reading.jpg 2009-06-15.6975.Reading.jpg 2009-06-15.6976.Reading.jpg 2009-06-15.6977.Reading.jpg 2009-06-15.6978.Reading.jpg 2009-06-15.6979.Reading.jpg 2009-06-15.6980.Reading.jpg 2009-06-15.6981.Reading.jpg


June 23rd, 2009

We came home, returning to Gatwick by train.

2009-06-23.8098.Reading.jpg 2009-06-23.8099.Reading.jpg 2009-06-23.8100.Reading.jpg 2009-06-23.8101.Reading.jpg 2009-06-23.8102.Reading.jpg 2009-06-23.8103.Reading.jpg 2009-06-23.8104.Reading.jpg 2009-06-23.8105.Reading.jpg 2009-06-23.8106.Reading.jpg 2009-06-23.8107.Reading.jpg 2009-06-23.8108.Reading.jpg 2009-06-23.8109.Reading.jpg 2009-06-23.8110.Reading.jpg 2009-06-23.8111.Reading.jpg 2009-06-23.8112.Reading.jpg 2009-06-23.8113.Reading.jpg 2009-06-23.8114.Reading.jpg 2009-06-23.8115.Reading.jpg 2009-06-23.8116.Reading.jpg 2009-06-23.8117.Reading.jpg 2009-06-23.8118.Reading.jpg 2009-06-23.8119.Reading.jpg 2009-06-23.8120.Reading.jpg 2009-06-23.8121.Reading.jpg 2009-06-23.8122.Reading.jpg 2009-06-23.8123.Reading.jpg 2009-06-23.8124.Reading.jpg 2009-06-23.8125.Reading.jpg 2009-06-23.8126.Reading.jpg 2009-06-23.8127.Reading.jpg