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December 28th, 2019

We followed the Iowa Interstate (IAIS) from Davenport to Omaha, catching an eastbound intermodal and ethanol train almost immediately, and parked but noisy power with a work clearance but not moving at Newport. We finished the day at the west end of the line watching headlights reflecting off the sides of nearby freight cars without the power ever actually materialising, to the amusement of a friendly railway security officer.


Walcott, Iowa

Walcott is the first town west of Davenport on the IAIS.

We had planned to extensively follow the IAIS looking for activity as we left Davenport, Iowa for Omaha, Nebraska, and caught this train barely two miles into our hunt.

2019-12-28.7590.Walcott-IA.jpg 2019-12-28.7591.Walcott-IA.jpg 2019-12-28.7592.Walcott-IA.jpg 2019-12-28.7593.Walcott-IA.jpg 2019-12-28.7594.Walcott-IA.jpg 2019-12-28.7595.Walcott-IA.jpg 2019-12-28.7596.Walcott-IA.jpg 2019-12-28.7597.Walcott-IA.jpg 2019-12-28.7598.Walcott-IA.jpg 2019-12-28.7599.Walcott-IA.jpg 2019-12-28.7600.Walcott-IA.jpg 2019-12-28.7601.Walcott-IA.jpg 2019-12-28.7602.Walcott-IA.jpg 2019-12-28.7603.Walcott-IA.jpg 2019-12-28.7604.Walcott-IA.jpg 2019-12-28.7605.Walcott-IA.jpg 2019-12-28.7606.Walcott-IA.jpg 2019-12-28.7607.Walcott-IA.jpg 2019-12-28.7608.Walcott-IA.jpg 2019-12-28.7609.Walcott-IA.jpg 2019-12-28.7610.Walcott-IA.jpg 2019-12-28.7611.Walcott-IA.jpg 2019-12-28.7612.Walcott-IA.jpg 2019-12-28.7613.Walcott-IA.jpg 2019-12-28.7614.Walcott-IA.jpg 2019-12-28.7615.Walcott-IA.jpg 2019-12-28.7616.Walcott-IA.jpg 2019-12-28.7617.Walcott-IA.jpg 2019-12-28.7618.Walcott-IA.jpg 2019-12-28.7619.Walcott-IA.jpg 2019-12-28.7620.Walcott-IA.jpg